Our Principal Finance team combines sector-specific knowledge and expertise across a wide range of markets and asset classes needed to make customized investments. We work closely with developers, entrepreneurs, corporates, private equity firms, hedge funds and boutique investment banks to source, structure and execute buy-side investment opportunities, deploying either our balance sheet on a proprietary basis or in collaboration with our shareholders and strategic investment partners.

Investments take the form of senior, subordinated or mezzanine debt, customized credit derivatives and selected equity.

We are buyers of credit risk in any form, and specialize in complex situations. We can provide liquidity for both performing and non-performing assets. Acting on a principal basis, GFG can execute transactions that otherwise may not be possible in traditional capital markets.

In parallel, GFG also deploys its balance sheet or its shareholders capital to seed certain funds being launched. In keeping with our entrepreneurial culture and focus on alignment with clients’ interests we will invest in such funds in which we as a firm have complete conviction.

Asset Based Opportunities Strategy

This strategy invests in targeted asset based opportunities across a broad spectrum of real and financial assets with an emphasis on capital preservation, generating cash flow from assets purchased at attractive current cash yields and equity-like upside optionality.

In its value approach to investing, we seek to identify and invest in opportunities that exhibit significant valuation discrepancies between current trading or market prices and intrinsic business (or net asset) value, often with a catalyst for value recognition.

The strategy seeks to uncover mispriced asset based investment opportunities through fundamental analysis and in-depth understanding of asset valuation. Current market dislocation, including illiquidity, repricing of assets, deleveraging and regulatory changes create compelling asset based investment opportunities.

Focus Areas

We focus on providing direct investment solutions in the following areas.

Real Estate

We leverage our in depth market experience, knowledge and established relationships to support our real estate clients. This knowledge enables us to identify and execute attractive real estate investment opportunities.

Our core focus is to serve as a strategic, knowledgeable and value-added partner for leading real estate owners, developers and investors. We are able to value and structure investments in accordance with their specific risk and return dynamics.

Investment profile 

We invest in existing single assets or portfolios, development projects and corporate level investments in real estate owners or developers. We invest through mezzanine loans, preferred equity or common equity and align ourselves with reputable and experienced operating partners to drive maximum value from our investments.

Our role

We adopt a rigorous and disciplined investment process and a prudent risk culture to ensure that our investments achieve attractive, yet realistic, returns. We place equal focus on acquisitions, ongoing management and exits.

Energy, Resources & Infrastructure

We are experienced in the energy, resources and infrastructure investment space.

Energy investments encompass producing assets in the oil and gas sector, and renewable energy.

Resources investments target mining opportunities in the bulk commodities, base and precious metals sectors.

Infrastructure investments include transportation infrastructure assets (such as toll roads, airports, ports, bridges, tunnels and railways); utility and energy infrastructure assets (such as water, power generation, electricity and gas networks, and fuel storage facilities) and communications infrastructure assets (such as transmission towers); and other core infrastructures.

Investment profile

We actively seek to invest in companies with proven management teams, a track record of cash flow generation, and a differentiated and sustainable business model. We typically invest through structured fixed-income instruments or preferred equity.

We look to support companies with multiple operating assets, in need of expansion capital or undergoing management buyouts. We team up with motivated management teams and strategic investors who are willing to share in the risks and rewards alongside us and seek to maximise management-investor alignment.

Our role

We identify and execute on investment opportunities and funding solutions.

Our role is to facilitate transactions as a value-added partner, providing strategic insight to owners, developers and investors. We have developed proprietary mechanisms to value and structure investments in accordance with their specific risk and return dynamics.

We are actively involved in all aspects of a business, and leverage our network and experience to take a hands-on approach to management of the assets.

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