Principal Finance

Principal Finance

+ Real Estate

We leverage our in depth market experience, knowledge and established relationships to support our real estate clients. This knowledge enables us to identify and execute attractive real estate investment opportunities.

Our core focus is to serve as a strategic, knowledgeable and value-added partner for leading real estate owners, developers and investors. We are able to value and structure investments in accordance with their specific risk and return dynamics.

+ Investment profile

We invest in existing single assets or portfolios, development projects and corporate level investments in real estate owners or developers. We invest through mezzanine loans, preferred equity or common equity and align ourselves with reputable and experienced operating partners to drive maximum value from our investments.

+ Our role

We adopt a rigorous and disciplined investment process and a prudent risk culture to ensure that our investments achieve attractive, yet realistic, returns. We place equal focus on acquisitions, ongoing management and exits.

+ Infastructure

We actively seek to invest in companies with proven management teams, a track record of cash flow generation, and a differentiated and sustainable business model. We typically invest through structured fixed-income instruments or preferred equity.

We look to support companies with multiple operating assets, in need of expansion capital or undergoing management buyouts. We team up with motivated management teams and strategic investors who are willing to share in the risks and rewards alongside us and seek to maximise management-investor alignment.

+ Our role

We identify and execute on investment opportunities and funding solutions.

Our role is to facilitate transactions as a value-added partner, providing strategic insight to owners, developers and investors. We have developed proprietary mechanisms to value and structure investments in accordance with their specific risk and return dynamics.

We are actively involved in all aspects of a business, and leverage our network and experience to take a hands-on approach to management of the assets